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The Impact of Stress

We live in a stress filled world. And every year it seems as if things just get more and more hectic. For many of us this can seem overwhelming. We can quickly get to the point where we no longer feel in control of our lives. We feel out of balance, as if we are constant struggling just to stay above water.

All of these stresses take a tremendous toll on our bodies and our minds. We operate best when we are in a state of homeostasis. This can be described as a state of equilibrium, where we are in physical and mental balance.

Getting from our current place of stress and anxiety to that ideal state of homeostasis is the goal of an effective corporate wellness program.

Stress & the Modern Worker

For many of us, the workplace represents our biggest generator of stress. We constantly feel the need to be more productive, more effective, and faster than we were before.

Every week it seems that we have more duties to perform and less time to do it. That is a perfect recipe for stress, anxiety and, eventually burnout.

In the face of the anxiety that overwhelms us we look for instant solutions to calm us down. We indulge in fast food, overload on caffeine, deprive ourselves of sleep, and spend inordinate amounts of time on social media or in front of the TV screen.

The ironic thing is that all of these instant remedies are actually counter-productive. They weaken our immune system, produce more of the stress hormone cortisol and feed the stress loop.

Compromised Immunity

One consequence of our stressed-out lives is that many people have an extremely weak immune system. We have seen how dangerous that can be in recent months. Reports suggest that 90% of all cases of Covid-19 were in people with weakened immune systems.

Other effects of stress and our inability to effectively deal with it are:
  • poor eating and sleeping habits
  • low physical activity
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • cardiovascular disease
  • migraine headaches
  • bad moods
  • reduced productivity
  • increased sick leave
  • burnout
  • depression, anxiety
All of this is a recipe for disaster in the workplace.
Consider the outcomes:
  • Bad mood and lack of focus
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Motivated by money, or fear of losing job
  • Poor psychological state
  • Unproductive
  • Potential heart disease
  • Lower productivity
  • High rate of absence
  • Skyrocketing medical insurance costs
  • Loss of experienced workers
  • Loss of time and money

There’s got to be a better way!
There is – we’ve got it!

The solution is…
Reinstating healthy habits into modern life by going back to basics.

Reclaiming our health never been more important. At SoreApp, we provide a holistic wellness program based on three key pillars:

1. Healthy Diet
  • food plan
  • hydration
  • supplements
2. Physical Activity
  • physical exercise
  • stretching exercise
  • strength exercise
  • psychological balance
  • breathing exercise
  • meditation
3. Healthy Sleep Habits

We guide our clients through every transformative step, introducing pillars showing them how to start, what to implement and how to stay on track in order to realize their goals, reduce their stress and anxiety and achieve optimum physical and mental well-being.

Our goal is to become a one stop source for all your health, wellness and productivity requirements. In addition to the services already mentioned, we offer:

  • Health Screening
  • Education
  • Food plans
  • Exercising at work options
  • Nolu’s delicious food package
  • Soreapp training – online and individual
  • Personalized training plans
  • Family and Kids sport academy

Investing in Health

We’ve all only got one body. When it malfunctions, every part of our being is affected. Just think of how less productive you are when you have a headache. Living inside of a body that is out of balance is no way to live.

By introducing back healthy habits, we invest in our most important asset – ourselves.

Every company is a little world of its own. We can start making changes within that ecosystem to produce a far healthier, more productive and more enjoyable work environment. We can do this by investing in the right values, the right priorities and the right people.

Championing the health and well-being of both employees and employers will lead to a win-win situation that assures long-term success.

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