About SoreApp


To become a global leader in facilitating sports participation among people of all backgrounds, empowering them to reinvent themselves through sport.

Mission Statement

To facilitate the empowerment and enhancement of people through sport and a healthy lifestyle.


We started as a team of two, wanting to create the ideal place to spend time exercising, relaxing and eating healthy food. We envisioned an oasis where people could escape from the stresses of everyday life and re-energize, recover and rebalance themselves.

We both have a background in Boxing and Martial Arts training, having experienced the amazing mind and body benefits that come from it. We strongly believe that this type of training can transform lives, as it has ours.

We created the Soreapp Company as the means to bring Boxing and Martial Arts training to the public at large. We are an energetic, passionate team that is growing and evolving. We are driven by the desire for everyone to discover and reinvent themselves through sport.

We are especially passionate about working with kids and families. We are active sponsors of the Abu Dhabi Harlequins Rugby Team and have organized children’s tournaments and Get Fit events with Medical Centers and other institutions. Through these events we have been raising awareness of and promoting the benefits of health and well-being.

Our work has only just begun. Our goal is to allow everyone to see and feel the difference that a healthy, active lifestyle delivers and how it adds life to their years.