(The) Sport of Real Empowerment

If you’ve been exercising correctly and giving it your ALL, your muscles with be a little S.O.R.E.

S.O.R.E exists to improve the health and wellbeing of our clients by encouraging them to eat healthier, exercise more thereby measurably improving their lives S.O.R.E. provides a superior application platform giving our clients access to expert advice, a thriving community, up-to-date news on what’s happening in the sports arena, as well as the ability to book professional fitness and consulting services. We consistently strive to improve the physical wellbeing, mental clarity, flexibility and overall improved health to our clients.


  • #1 value is:  Integrity

    Doing the right thing in an honorable way

  • #2 value is: Quality

    Ensuring our trainers and services they provide to the user are of the highest standards

  • #3 value is: Community and social responsibility

    Promoting, connecting and supporting the local community through sports activities guiding them towards developing a better community and healthier environment

  • #4 value is:  Safety

    Ensuring that we provide the right environment for physical training, coaching and value invested for the client

  • #5 value is: Empowerment

    Empowering our trainers, clients and employees to take the next logical step towards a better healthier lifestyle