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10 Possible Causes of the Obesity Epidemic

It's well accepted that reduced physical activity and fast food are linked to obesity. But the evidence that these are the main causes of obesity is largely circumstantial. To stimulate debate, experts suggest 10 other possible causes of obesity, outlined in the International Journal of Obesity. Sleep debt. Getting too little sleep can increase body weight. Today, many get less shut-eye than ever. Pollution. Hormones control body weight. And many of today's pollutants affect our hormones. Air conditioning.  You have to burn calories if your environment is too hot or too cold for comfort. But more people than ever live and work in temperature-controlled homes and offices. Decreased smoking. Smoking reduces weight. People smoke much less than they used to. [...]

9 Reasons Why You Should Use Optimum Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition plays a central role in any exercise regimen. Even if you're born with natural physical prowess, this won't sustain you in your workouts. A diet with enough nutrition will not only help you during exercise but will stimulate the feeling well-being, inspiring you to continue with your regimen. During workout, your body undergoes a tremendous activity unmatched by any man-made machine. It is during this exercise that your manifest the genius of its design. But it comes with a great price. Your body uses all of the strength it can use, depleting in the process the energy reserves in your body. This is the reason why you need optimum sports nutrition. The harder you exercise, the faster the [...]

A Healthy Guide to Good Nutrition

Whether you are at your ideal weight or striving to reach your weight goal is it simply a matter of burning more calories than you take in? The answer, I suggest, is no! Overall body health improvement as well as weight gain or loss must be factored in to the equation or you could be heading for problems. Correct nutrition can help to reduce the risk of a miriad of health-related problems, the most frightening of which are surely heart disease and cancer. Proper nutrition, however, entails eating many different foods, monitoring your consumption of some food and beverage items, and counting calories. Good diets offer balanced nutrition that reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and helps with weight control. To function [...]

A Close Look At Belts

With most types of martial arts, the color of the belt that you have will signify your rank within your style of martial arts. The belts that are used with martial arts signify your rank within that style, although they have no universal means or ranking within the martial arts world. More or less, they tell others how much you know about your specific martial art. The use of belt colors in martial arts is an old practice, dating back hundreds of years. Belts and their use in martial arts all started by a man known as Jigoro Kano, who created the style known as Kodokan Judo. Kano started out by using only white and black belts to signify rank [...]

22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice

A coworker of mine at work brought in a mangosteen supplement drink and she was selling it for $30 (her price) for a 25 fl oz bottle. She also gave me information and these 22 reasons why everyone should be drinking mangosteen juice: prevents hardening of the arteries protects the heart muscle anti-Parkinson, anti-Alzheimer and other forms of dementia anti-depressant prevents and arrest fungus prevents bacterial infections viral fighters and prevention of infections prevents fum disease anti-diarrheal lowers fevers eye care-prevents glaucoma and cataracts pansystemic - a synergistic effect on the whole body energy boosters - anti-fatique anti-aging weight loss (wooo, I'll drink to this!) lowers blood fat (what the heck, I didn't know there is fat in our blood!) [...]

Crack Open a Miracle

Crack open an egg and you find a wealth of nutrients. Because eggs contain a wide variety of nutrients compared to their calorie count (75 per Large egg), they're called nutrient dense. Eating nutrient-dense foods helps us satisfy our nutrient needs without excess calories. The nutrient density benefit of eggs is especially important for older adults and anyone who is overweight. Eggs are best known as a high-quality protein source. The protein in eggs contains all the essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Eggs are also a good source of the B vitamin riboflavin and contain varying amounts of a number of other nutrients, including vitamins A, B12 , D and E and folate and the mineral iron. [...]

Why You Should Learn Jiu Jitsu?

To be prepared is the only way you can keep yourself out of harm’s way. You might think that a can of mace will be able to do that but if you don’t have time to take it out, then it is useless. This is why you have to learn Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu is an ancient Japanese martial art. It is technique which consists of ground grappling, punches, kicks, throws and weapons. The key here is leverage so even someone small will be able to learn it. If you think defending yourself is the only benefit of learning Jiu Jitsu, think again. Studies have shown that learning a martial art like this one will help build balance and coordination, [...]

Is Your Low-Carb Diet Aging Your Skin?

Low-carb diets, while they may be effective in promoting quick weight loss, have been shown to increase inflammation in the body, according to researchers at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University. Not only does this age your skin, but your internal cells and organs as well. The solution is the IF Rating system, which shows you the foods that are both low-carb and anti-inflammatory. Obesity, wrinkles, heart disease, hay fever, depression all of these different problems share a common factor: inflammation. Now thought to be at the root of today's most vexing health problems, chronic low-level inflammation is rooted in the foods you eat. By reading the label, you can determine whether or not a food is high in carbohydrates, [...]

Why Are Basics So Important In Karate?

“Do I have to practice this again? I know how to do it already. Why can I not learn the next punch and the next form? Do I still have to do the things that WHITE BELTS do?!?” Have you ever felt agitated with your instructor for having you drill basics when you already “know” them? You are not alone. “Basics again?” is a common question asked by karate students. In fact, you could probably handle some of the more advanced techniques but slow down “grasshopper”; your sensei has good reasons for drilling on basics. After all, who doesnít remember the classic scene in the movie The Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi has Daniel-san “wax on and wax off” for [...]

Why You Should Consider Buying Organic Food?

Besides the fact that organic food tastes better and it reduces the amount of cancer-causing chemicals that enter your body, there are plenty of other very good reasons why you should buy organic food. Here are just a few: Organic Meat Comes From Healthier Animals The animal from which you got your meat is guaranteed to have been healthy throughout its life. Why? Part of the criteria governing organic products is agreeing not to use antibodies to treat an illness. Animals that are raised with the ultimate goal of being organic are raised in more humane conditions (as outlined by the United Statesí Humane Society). These better living conditions result in healthier animals and healthier animals simply are less prone [...]

Finding A Diet That Works

Searching for a new diet that works? If you’re a habitual dieter, wouldn’t it be nice to stop changing diets? Is there a diet that actually works? Everyone has a habit or a vice. Some people smoke. Some people bite their fingernails. Some people can’t resist having a piece of chocolate before bed time, and others snore when they sleep. Others are habitual dieters, always looking for a new diet that promises astonishing results. How many new diet plans have you tried? Some people can tick off a list of new diet after diet that they have tried. They yo-yo back and forth. Atkins, weight watchers, the grapefruit diet, the soup diet, the salad diet, the low-fat diet some people [...]

False Sense Of Security

Working my usual weekend gig as a bouncer in a night club an attractive blond approaches me and asks if I can walk her though the club because 15 minutes before a male grabbed her arm a told her that she had to dance with him. She refused and pulled away; the male grabbed her harder then pulling her to the dance floor, lucky for her another bouncer spotted this and took care of her problem. I decide to give her my business card TACT SELF DEFENSE it reads, she tells me that she as a brown belt in the martial arts but everything she’s learned, she couldn’t remember and just blanked out. I tell her that this is normal, [...]

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