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Reem Race

It was our pleasure to collaborate with VPS for Reem Race Event, which brought 1000 community members together. A 3 km race took place on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. There were plenty of post-race sports activities, from bootcamp training to cycling. Our partners, team members and clients thoroughly enjoyed the event. Being part of our community is what we enjoy the most and this event provided sport activities for all ages, along with the joy of working out together.

Rugby Sponsorship

We are very proud to be part of Abu Dhabi Harlequins Kids Rugby Club family. Our goal is to support and provide the best training opportunities for children in UAE. It has been a great journey, as our own kids are members of the team. We enjoy seeing them grow and develop themselves into great players and even better human beings.

Wave and VPS Event

There is no better way to bring community together than through sport. Together with VPS and Burjeel Hospital, we held the Wave event. Everyone who came enjoyed Zumba, Body Pump and a series of other fitness classes in the lovely Shaik Zayed Sport City. It was a one of a kind event, providing a great workout and lots of fun for all family members!

Zumba Event

To mark the Zumba anniversary in UAE, we held this Zumba event in conjunction with the Zumba UAE team and Primal Gym. It was great fun with everyone getting an awesome workout.

Kids Jiujitsu Tournament

In Partnership with Primal Gym, we organized a Jiujitsu kids tournament, hosted in the Primal Gym premises. More than 200 children competed, with their parents proudly watching. It was a lovely gathering that lasted throughout the day. Many children went home with awards and gift bags and everyone enjoyed a great family and sport event together.

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