Reda El Alaoui

Nationality: Morocco
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Trains in: Abu Dhabi

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    • Reda is from the biggest Muay Thai masters academy.He is one of the best fighters in Thailand and Morocco.
    • Morocco Champion in Kick Boxing
    • Morocco Champion in Thai Boxing
    • K1 Champion Infusion Championship World Class Abu Dhabi
    • Hard Nox Champion World Class Abu Dhabi
    • Champion top king World Series in Thailand 2018
    • Final Champion Top king World Series 2018
    • Best Fighter In Thailand 2018
    • More than 135 fights between amateur and professional
    • 3 years training as muay boran skills in biggest academy to develop muay thai masters
    • First Morocco teacher to have level 12 khan in muay thai from big grand Master in Thailand, the only true academy to give this level
    • Fighter in sasiprapa gym, the famous gym in Thailand
    • First heavyweight fighter in top king
    Education & Qualification
    • Secondary In Arabic Science
    • Army Certificate as horse Trainer
    • Master Certificate Thai Boxing Teacher
    • Kick Boxing Certificate Trainer
    • Master in Music Science