Endurance sports nutrition gives you a nutrition advice that is just jampacked with very useful details, together with sets of customized eating plans specifically regarding sports, to ensure that the food that you choose will keep you going on before, during and after various competitions.

A remarkable and very well-known author, Suzanne Girard Eberle, MS, RD, tells those who are concerned of her background as a registered dietician who has her specialty on sports nutrition.

She also admits that she knows much and much about endurance sports nutrition because she, herself, is an elite endurance athlete.

So she can tell you how endurance sports nutrtion works, or what is not supposed to be done regarding endurance sports nutrition, in actual training and situations that involve racing.

The  resource that is said to be the most comprehensive of its kind, is the prescriptive book that the said endurance athlete, slash dietician, wrote.

It includes tried and true advice and suggestions from different endurance athletes who are at the top of their sports.

But if you would really like to know from the best persons to talk to when it comes to endurance sports nutrition, there are various websites that you could log on to to be able to contact, or if not contact, at least ask a few questions to world-class athletes.

You can avail Karen Smyers’s, a triathlete, assistance about endurance sports nutrition.

She is a triathlete, so she knows things about endurance thrice more than what others do.

Another is the marathon runner Keith Brantly.

Running is not as easy as it sounds, but running is, in fact, the easy part.

It is the enduring the pain that grows in your legs that is not.

You can also try to have your questions answered by the world-known marathon swimmer Tobie Smith.

Endurance sports nutrition in swimming is very very difficult because there are two kinds of pressures that you face, pressure under the water and atmospheric pressure.

And last, but certainly not the least, is the cyclist Kerry Ryan.

It is almost the same as running, with the movement of the legs and the endurance of the pain that grow in your legs.

However, you have to be a master of balance to be able to pull cycling off.

All of these world-class athletes will happily and obligingly share their knowledge, and with absolute right because of their many years of training and competing against the worldís best.

There are many kinds of sports where endurance sports nutrition can help you maximize your performance.

Endurance sports nutrition can help you a great deal in running.

As mentioned above, running is the easy part, it is enduring the pain that is constantly present in your lower extremeties that you need to endure.

In triathlons, you have to take note of enduring three stages of sports.

So endurance sports nutrition is definetely handy if you want to be able to move on to the next stage and not faint in one of the first stages.

The endurance in swimming is not like any other.


It is because, like told before, there are two kinds of pressure that you need to think about.

There is, first, the pressure that you experience under the water, plus the atmospheric water.

So whether you put your face under water or you turn your head out of the water to breathe in some air, the cramps and the pain caused by the pressure should be endured.

In rowing, it is all about upper body strength.

Yes, it also involves coordination with your teammates and most of all mind and arm coordination, but if you are weak with your upper body, then rowing is not the thing for you.

Your hands will probably suffer bruises from your firm grips on the oars, but you arms are the ones that should have high endurance.

Endurance sports nutrition can definitely help you survive the boat ride.

Cycling, like mentioned, is not that much different from running.

Your legs also experience the most pain, and you have to endure the pain that is constant on your lower extremities.

But this time, there is also the balance to think of.

And for those who have a hard time balancing, enduring cycling is very hard.

So this is where endurance sports nutrition comes in.

Endurance sports nutrition can definitely make you a better athlete, if you cannot endure whatever it is that you are doing, how can you perform well?

So if you are thinking that sports is all about performance, you are wrong for without endurance, you can never perform a certain sport well.